Services & Pricing

Our mobile salon on wheels offers dog, bird and small animal grooming in your driveway.
Our vehicle is fully self-contained with water and electric on board.
Just sit back and let us provide the personalized attention your pet deserves.  Busy work schedules do not need to interfere with your dog’s spa day.  Once you are comfortable with my services, you don’t even have to be home to have your dog groomed.  Wouldn’t you like to come home to a freshly groomed dog?

Services will include bath, hand drying, brush out, haircut/deshedding, nail cut and ear cleaning/plucking.  Upon request I also offer nail grinding, toothbrushing, conditioner or flea shampoo (if needed).  Bows/bandanas and nail polish also available.  Each pet will receive one on one attention for the entire groom.  I can also provide wing/nail trim for birds and nail trims for small animals.  Mostly this is offered as an add on service with the grooming of your dog.
I do not bathe or clip cats.  I can do nail trims for cats as an add on service.

● Pricing will be determined upon size of dog, coat type, services provided and how long it takes to do the dog.

● There is a minimum charge of $65.00 per home visit (bath and haircut appointments). If you want a nail trim only, that can be arranged based on your location and will cost $20 per dog.  Nail trims are an exception to the $65 minimum home visit.
6% sales tax will be added to total sale